Stop Chasing Prospects And Start Attracting Clients


Attention Coaches:

  • Do you struggle to find a steady stream new clients?
  • Would you like to create repeatable systems for easy client attraction?
  • Are you confused and overwhelmed by the various list-building strategies out there?
  • Are you eager to shift your in-person success to the online world?
  • Would you like to grow a big, responsive list?

Take a breath and know – You’re in the right place.

I’m Semonna McNeil and I help coaches create highly profitable online businesses by showing them how to dramatically increase their list size, capture and convert more qualified leads, and launch successful online products and services. As a self-proclaimed internet marketing junkie, I have over 15 years experience learning and perfecting the most effective and profitable online strategies.

Imagine having a bigger, responsive list, and feeling more confident and care-free about your upcoming launch, knowing that your clients are anxiously awaiting your next program.

This is attainable, and I want this for you.

I can help you shatter your income goals and enjoy a freedom-based lifestyle most people can only dream about. Working with me, clients have:

  • Increased their list size by thousands
  • Gained greater visibility by hosting their first telesummits
  • Filled their online programs to capacity.

Are you ready to get started?

Book your complimentary “List-building & Client Attraction Breakthrough Session” now. We’ll talk about what you want, what’s getting in your way, and see if we’re a fit to work together.


Here’s to your success!

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